FIT Webinar | Ethics in Court and Legal Interpreting

Saturday (16 December 2023) 


FIT is organising a free webinar (open to all) on ethics in court and legal interpreting with Tony Rosado on Saturday, 16 December at 3:00 pm (CET time) via Zoom. Registration is required.
Interpreting is a fiduciary profession used by people to make important decisions that affect their lives. In the legal field those decisions could include matters of life, freedom, family, and money, and they could have lasting, often irreversible effects. Legal and specially court interpreters are bound by carefully crafted rules of professional conduct, and a strict code of ethics. This webinar will explore said rules and canons, analyze their reason to exist, and explore the consequences of ignoring their observance. Because of their complexity and relevance, the presenter will place special attention on the duties of impartiality and confidentiality, including the attorney-client privilege. Those attending this presentation will leave with a better understanding of the rules court and legal interpreters must live by.
The webinar will be on the rules court and legal interpreters must live by worldwide, although most of the examples will refer to the United States of America because the speaker works and lives there. The webinar will be in English, interpreting will not be provided.


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