International Federation of Translators(FIT) – Malaysian Translators Association (MTA) International Forum 2024

The FIT-MTA International Forum was held on 21January 2024, on the margins of the FIT Executive Committee and Council Meetings in Kuala Lumpur. The forum which was moderated by Assoc. Prof. Zain Sulaiman featured three distinguished speakers namely Ms. Alison Rodriguez (President, FIT), Prof. Eleanor Cornelius (FIT Vice President / Vice-chair of FIT Africa Regional Centre), and Ms. Alejandra Jorge (FIT VIP, former Chair of FIT Regional Centre for Latin America).

The main objective of the forum was to highlight the role of FIT in todays’ translation practice and to discuss the way forward. In her presentation, Ms. Rodriguez provided an overview of FIT’s profile and discussed some of the latest issues affecting translation practice including the AI phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Prof. Cornelius presented a comprehensive account of translation practice in South Africa, particularly the various institutional roles in addressing South Africa’s multilingual phenomenon. Lastly, Ms. Jorge shared valuable insights into the dynamics of FIT regional centres across the world, particularly the Regional Centre for Latin America. The forum ended with a lively Q&A session with the audience which comprised approximately 60 industry professionals, students and academics.  


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