MTA Membership at International Level

International Federation of Translators or better known as FIT is a worldwide organization of more than 120 national translation professional organizations and associations from 60 countries. FIT represents more than 80,000 translators worldwide. It is also an organization that has the status of a UNESCO consulting agency. The acronym FIT comes from the French language of the organization, the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs. Now, FIT is headquartered in Paris.

Malaysian Translators Association (MTA) is invited to attend the Statutory Congress to be officially accepted as a FIT Full Member starting in 2017. Prior to that, MTA chose to be a FIT member as an Observer Member since 2008. The MTA membership number is M132. MTA has also been selected as a member of the APTIF (Asia Pacific Translators and Interpreters Forum) council which is a FIT branch for the Asia Pacific region.


Articles of International Affiliation